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So what is the difference between a spa room spray and a steam room spray? The Spa Room Spray has a larger spray head for spraying directly onto your skin. It comes in a range of colors and prices from very affordable to very expensive. When used in the spray form, it is the ideal spray for first timers as it is easy to apply and can be used around the home and outdoors.

Steam room spray is a more powerful version of the spa room spray. It comes in three different colors and at a much more affordable price tag. The choice of color depends on where you live and how much money you want to spend. The model is available in a hand spray which makes it easier to use on the handle bars of your car. Alternatively, it can be used when your hands are sweaty and uncomfortable. The steam room spray can be used on hot surfaces including bathtubs, showers, saunas, and even steam rooms.

So, which one is best for you? Well, the spa room spray is ideal for first timers, whilst the steam room spray is ideal for people that live in areas that have hot surfaces. Which would you choose? Many people would choose the spa room spray because it is much easier to use compared to the steam room spray. The advantage of using this spray is that it allows you to apply it easily to various surfaces around the home and outdoors. However, you have to remember to keep the hot water at a lower temperature than the steam room spray. This way, the moisture will not evaporate quickly when it hits the surface you need to be cured.

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