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I I Love Your Personality But That Dick Tho...


The inappropriate candle comes on your request! Meant for men with a good /dirty/ sense of humor ONLY and girls who don’t bite their tongue! Get him heated, uncover the truth...he may have already been suspecting...You are nice, naughty and smart...

Taking himself too seriously? Use the power of humor and make him stand his ground. Gently tingle the ego, turn the passion on. Put a smile on his face and get the room heated in no time. The label design will make sure he gets the hint. Long hot night forecast. And you don’t even need to light the candle ;). 

This Naughty Humor candle is meant to light smiles. Infused with our best-seller, sexiest and all-time favorite Karma Fragrance Oil! Layers of orange, spices and patchouli. Mingling with sweet orange and cleansing pine, and refreshing lemongrass, to create a clean, bold and sexy scent.

Made with 100% natural soy wax. A perfect harmony of capturing scents, sophisticated looks, high-quality materials. All lovingly crafted & poured in our studio in NYC.

🔥 20+ hour burn time for 4 oz jars
🔥 40+ hour burn time for 8 oz jars
🔥 100+ hour burn time for 16 oz jars

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