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Bamboo and Sugar Cane Whipped Soap and Body Scrub | 4oz/8oz | All Natural- Handmade in NYC

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The Bamboo and Sugar Cane Body Scrub provide a lovely combination of the two. The scrub combines a thick layer of soothing bamboo extract with an equally thick layer cane sugar, making this a lovely, deliciously scrumptious scrub for the body and face. Combining the wonderful properties of these two tropical fruits, makes this body scrub so unique and enticing that you woould want to take your shower after using it. This is a super effective and top quality whipped soap scrub made from all natural ingredients.

The whipped soap scrub is ideal for both men and women. It is not only good for detoxifying the body but is a truly great cleanser for the skin. Using the Bamboo and Sugar Cane Body Scrub as part of a health and beauty regimen can be a real life saver. The benefits that the scrub provides to the skin are numerous and well worth it. These benefits include, helping to reduce cellulite, improve skin texture, reducing skin redness, reducing the appearance of acne scars, deep cleansing, stimulating the skin's immune system, producing collagen and elastic, and also increasing circulation and oxygen flow in the skin.

Gentle, cleansing soap provides a creamy lather.

Directions: Get yourself into the bath or shower, grab a small scoop and gently cleanse in a circular motion. This soap is great for a hand wash and bathing. It gently exfoliates as it cleanses.