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A 3-Piece Tin Candle Set: Meditation, Gratitude, Victory (8-Ounce)

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A special set of 3 fragranced tin candles handcrafted with natural soy wax and high grade fragrance oils!

Meditation, Gratitude and Victory wrapped in a perfect harmony of capturing scents, sophisticated looks, high-quality materials. All lovingly crafted & put together in our home studio in NYC.


Enhance your meditation experience with the relaxing scent of garden herbs blending in a special combination the fragrance of Sage, Rosemary and Lavender. This handmade candle has real flowers of lavender, leaves of sage and rosemary beautifully spread throughout the top and inside of our high-quality skin safe wax. Light up this candle when you need to focus on your inner world, calming your mind and finding your center.


Appreciate the little wonders that make each day so special! An elegant handmade candle inspired by the ever increasing need for more “Thank you!”-s in our lives. Fill your world with gratitude and watch it all change for the better, the way you perceive it, is the way it is.

The candle charms with tender glitters, resembling pure spring water, washing away all burdens from your thoughts. Like sincere gratitude springing from the heart. This beautiful  candle with real Quartz inside, an aesthetic and pleasant effect, is meant to instill pure feelings of trust and faith that a good change starts within each one of us. Set your intentions on being thankful with our Gratitude candle.

Hand-poured with Love.


Burning bright like Victory does! With gold glistening and radiating on top.

Burn our Victory candles to celebrate the small and big wins in life. Light up the vision of success or enrich your senses with beauty and good vibes before any big event in your life, before any competition or business deal, or any job interview where you want success. But, most of all, take the time and enjoy the light! Focus on your inner experience of success, overcome your inner challenges - that is where you meet real Victory.

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches using the finest quality 100% natural soy wax.

When lighting your candle tin for the first time, allow wax to melt to the sides of the tin, ensuring a consistent burn. Maximum recommended burn time is 4 hours per burn. Trim the wick (to approximately 4mm) after each full burn, once cooled. We cannot stress the importance of trimming your wick enough, this will extend the life of your candle, provide a cleaner burn and prevent ‘tunneling’ (wax not melting evenly).